About Us

We specialize in the development of cutting edge applications which aim to directly increase revenue for our clients. The improved revenue is attributed to the increase in sales by our client going fully mobile. This means executing every part of the daily cycle either on the cloud or on a mobile application.

Our vision is to remove all the paperwork obstacles for companies in Cyprus, so that they can improve both their service and their competitiveness compared to foreign companies.

Mobile Commerce Features

  • Full Ordering and Invoicing Capabilities
  • Includes Quotations, Waybills, Returns and Receipts
  • Virtual Product Catalogue for Showcasing
  • Instant Re-Ordering or Re-Invoicing
  • Stock Management
  • Complete Ex-Van Sales
  • Instant Invoice Printing via wifi or bluetooth
  • Fully Integrated Schedules ( Routes) with GPS monitoring
  • All actions can be saved and retrieved later
  • Voice commands for all the basic tasks
  • Advanced Sales Reporting
  • Auto Update – can be updated remotely to a newer version with the press of a single button

Increase your Company Sales

  • Sales

Respond faster to your clients

Before going mobile

Client Order to Head Office - 1 day
Head Office Invoice Processing - Several Hours

After going mobile

Client Order to Head Office - 1 minute
Head office invoice Processing - Automatic